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NGOportal: NGOportal: This website is designed and developed, by a group of professionals having vast experience working with NGOs and international donor agencies, to help NGOs to gain practical knowledge of the systems requirements at organizational level and also provides information on Funds for NGOs, NGO Database, Funds for Indian NGOs, Jobs, NGO Management, Financial Management,NGO News, Income Tax, Provident Fund,FCRA, NGO Registration.

Our knowledge and experience in working with grassroots level NGOs will come handy in dealing with systems requirement at organizational level and preparing guidelines/procedures/policies in finance, hr and admin and also in dealing with statutory requirements


Women's Peace Award by WPF - India and other countries - last date 31 May 2017
Belgian Peace Building Grants - India and other countries Last date 30 June 2017
ICT For Social Good Grants - India and other countries - Apply by 30 April 2017
Inclusion of Learners with Disabilities in Open and Distance Learning - Apply by 6 April
Diversity of Cultural Expressions Call for Funding - India and other Countries - Last date 14 April
KWEF Research Grant - India and other countries - Last date: 27 April 2017
Anglo American Group Foundation Grants - India and Other countries
Waterloo Foundation Grants - India,UK and other Countries - Last date 1st June 2017
ARCOS’ Small Grants Programme - Africa - Last date 31 May 2017
Chrysalis Trust Grants - India and other countries - Last date 15 May 2017
MAMA Cash - India and other countries - Last date 15 May 2017
Intra-Africa Academic Mobility Scheme Last date 2nd May 2017
Conservation Workshop Grants Last date 1st May 2017
Call for Partnership Concept Papers - Scaling Investment in Off-Grid Energy Solutions in Africa
Jana Robeyst Trust Fund (JRTF) Tareget area: Africa (sub-saharan) Last date 30 April 2017
The Fonds SUEZ Environment Initiatives Last date 30 April 2017
Cultural Protection Fund Last date 21 April 2017
Sage Foundation's Enterprise Fund Last date 5 April 2017
MOVING WALLS 24 EXHIBITION & GRANT - India and other countries - Last date 14 April 2017
Civil Society Scholar Awards (CSSA) for Individuals - Last date 31 March 2017


Financial & Grants Management

Financial & Grants Management

Budget Preparation

Steps to be taken while Applying for Grants
Bank Reconciliation Letter of Intent
Advances  Capacity Building
Cost Effective Analysis Concept Note
How to choosea Bank Bank Accounts
Cash and Fund flow  Asset Register 
Financial Statements Cash and Acrual based Accounting 

Funds for Indian NGOs

Addressing the health needs of women and children in the most disadvantaged populations globally

Award of Biotechnology Overseas Associateship for Scientists working in North East States of India

Open Society Fellowship 2017

Energy Demand Reduction in the Built Environment Joint India-UK Call for Proposals

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Funds for Indian NGOs

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