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NGOportal: NGOportal: This website is designed and developed, by a group of professionals having vast experience working with NGOs and international donor agencies, to help NGOs to gain practical knowledge of the systems requirements at organizational level and also provides information on Funds for NGOs, NGO Database, Funds for Indian NGOs, Jobs, NGO Management, Financial Management,NGO News, Income Tax, Provident Fund,FCRA, NGO Registration.

Our knowledge and experience in working with grassroots level NGOs will come handy in dealing with systems requirement at organizational level and preparing guidelines/procedures/policies in finance, hr and admin and also in dealing with statutory requirements

The broad areas that are covered in this site are:

NGO Database is one of the top ten ngo database sites in the world recognised by EU Citizen House. This will help to search for NGOs working on specific issue, district, State and Country. This has database from various countries
NGO Financial Management
Financial management is one area where organizations need to give utmost importance. The information available here is prepared on the basis of practical knowledge at NGO level.
NGO Grants Management
What are the steps NGO needs to follow to apply for a grant and what they need to after getting a grant and other related information on Grants Management.
NGO (Development) Jobs/Consultants
Information on consultants/consultancy agencies, providing consultancy services and also people looking for various development jobs related information.
NGO HR & Admin Management
HR and admin management is another important part(s) of an organization. Without proper human resources and administration systems/policies, it is very difficult to manage an NGO and attain organizational goals.
Funds for International NGOs
Information on various funding schemes,grants,scholarshps,Fellowships for International NGOs.
NGO Legal Aspects
Here we are providing information related to Income Tax, FCRA (Foreign Contributions Regulation Act, Provident Fund. Organizations Registration related information and so on.
Funds for Indian NGOs
Funding information for Indian NGOs which includes various funding schemens,grants,fellowships,scholarships.
NGO News
In this section news related to NGO sector and interesting/innovative work done by NGOs will be shared.
Your Feedback
Your feedback is most valuable to us and any suggestions to improve this site are most welcome.

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