Outdoor Mountain Field Programme

 Acoustic Traditional announces "The Outdoor Mountain Field Programme (Certificate Programme"

Acoustic Traditional is a registered non-profit organisation working towards the promotion and preservation of dying tribal oral myths, legends and traditions of storytelling across the various indigenous (specifically from mountain and forests) communities of India. Based in Bangalore, it
conducts a yearly festival, the only existing platform in the country for tribal storytellers, across various venues with a view to bring together disappearing storytellers. At present it is working in the Eastern Himalayan region to document Kiranti myths or oral *Muk-dums* which
continue to be practiced by shamans (declining in numbers) of various clans and tribes. It also conducts various youth related projects and outreach activities. Acoustic Traditional also holds the national record (Limca Book of Records) for creating the longest digital painting on the mythology of Sikkim (100 meters long).

We are glad to introduce you to the "Outdoor Mountain Field Programme” and hope you will find it interesting to be part of it.

The Outdoor Mountain Field Programme (Certificate Programme)

The Mountain Outdoor field programme (in the Singalila range/ Kanchendzonga bio-sphere reserve, Eastern Himalayas) is a unique way to directly engage with the mountain communities through stories and traditions of storytelling. Developed with a view to support the preservation of dying oral literature (especially in the form of storytelling), the programme provides a unique 7-day retreat in two of the most beautiful peaks of the Himalayan range namely

(i) *Sandakphu *or “the Mountain of Poison Plants” which is also the highest peak (3,690 mts) in the Singalila range in Darjeeling and (ii) *Dzongu *(Special Lepcha Reserve) in North Sikkim which is considered to be the aboriginal home of the disappearing Lepcha tribe and often
considered a spiritual sanctuary for the people of the mountains.


The Registration for the Outdoor Mountain and Field Programme is now open;
last date : 
8th of March 2012

We also conduct regular workshops, sessions and learning on Storytelling as to how it can be implemented into our day-to-life, our thinking and our individual perspective. Do get in touch with us in case if you are  interested to have the workshops/sessions in corporate, schools or any convenient establishments

We look forward to experiencing this unique journey, together! See you there!  For further information you can contact  Abhishek Pradhan,Programme/Project(s) Manager,Acoustic Traditional,Sa Zatsong Ka Chon Non,75/2 Ramachandrappa Road, Kammanahalli, Bangalore-560084,Tel.: +91 80 6597 1082,Mobile: +91 98860 27733


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