Conservation Food and Health Foundation Criteria

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Conservation Food and Health Foundation Criteria

The Conservation, Food & Health Foundation does not provide support for:

buildings, vehicles, land purchases or capital improvements
direct medical care or treatment at hospitals or clinics
medical equipment for hospitals or clinics
wells, pumps or water systems
emergency relief or humanitarian aid projects
microenterprise, tourism, job training or livelihood projects
feeding or food distribution programs
projects to improve farming for export crops
basic farming, beekeeping, chicken, or animal husbandry training projects
films, videos, books or websites
scholarships, fellowships, tuition or travel grants
general operating support
individuals, businesses, churches, government, orphanages and humanitarian aid agencies



The foundation supports most types of non-governmental organizations that can provide evidence of their nongovernmental status or charitable purpose.

In general, the foundation will support:

Non-governmental organizations (NGO)
Nonprofit organizations
Civil society organizations
Community-based organizations
Colleges, universities and academic institutions
The foundation does not support businesses, government agencies, humanitarian relief organizations, other foundations or churches.

Food and Health Foundation Criteria – FHF Policies

Most grants are made on a one-time basis.
There is no policy concerning a minimum or maximum grant size. The average grant is approximately $20,000. Grants exceeding $30,000 are rarely awarded.
The foundation will not consider more than one proposal from an organization in any calendar year and will not fund an organization more than once in a funding year.
The foundation will not fund overhead or indirect costs of projects.
The foundation is very willing to cooperate with other funding sources with compatible interests to support a joint project or to provide matching funds. From time to time the foundation may also set matching requirements for grantees, particularly in cases where the foundation cannot provide full funding for the project.
The political beliefs of the applicants or the political relations of any state with the United States shall not be taken into account in making or not making any grant, except that the foundation will comply with any requirements imposed by law.

Grantees are expected to meet the foundation’s reporting requirements within one year of the previous proposal application. Returning applicants should submit an interim report with all copies of the proposal for renewal. A report outline will be sent with the initial grant letter. Reporting requirements are designed to maintain a reasonable balance between obtaining sufficient information for the foundation to assess expenditures, accomplishments and difficulties and avoiding burdensome work for grantees.

2017-2019 Grant Cycle Timeline

Application & Review Process Grant Round
1. Grant Round                                        Grant Round 2

Concept Application Deadline              January  1                                              July 1
Request for Proposal Issued                 February 1                                             August  3
Proposal Deadline                                   March 1                                                 September 3
Grant Awards                                            June 1                                                   December 1

Foundation Office :  The directors maintain a part-time staff in Boston, Massachusetts. Staff provide initial review of applications and meet with applicants when necessary in order to gain an important perspective on a particular request. Requests for meetings will be honored by staff whenever possible.

For details of How to Apply and Online Application Click Here

Correspondence and inquiries should be directed to:

Conservation, Food & Health Foundation
c/o Prentice A. Zinn, Administrator
GMA Foundations
2 Liberty Square, Suite 500
Boston, Massachusetts 02109

Phone: 617-391-3091

pzinn @ gmafoundations . com

June 25 2017 04:35 pm

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