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Activities: Aged,Others

HelpAge India is secular, not-for-profit organization registered under the Societies' Registration Act of 1860. It was set up in 1978, and since then have been raising resources to protect the rights of India’s elderly and provide relief to them through various interventions. 

HelpAge India  voice the needs of India’s 81 million “grey” population, and directly impact the lives of 15 lakh elders through our services every year.

It advocate with national & local government to bring about policy that is beneficial to the elderly.
It makes society aware of the concerns of the aged and promote better understanding of ageing issues.
It helps the elderly become aware of their own rights so that they get their due and are able to play an active role in society.
HelpAge India's interventions have chiefly been in the following areas:
Social Protection & Aged Services

Mobile healthcare



Small Grants Programme

Restoration of vision

Livelihood support

Old age homes/Day care centres

Cancer/Alzheimer’s projects

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