INK Fellows Program

The INK Fellows Program brings together a young, global and cross-disciplinary community of path-breakers who we believe will be the shapers of tomorrow. Every year, INK identifies the minds that are redefining their field of work, and the world around them. The Program aims to provide them the support necessary to leverage their impact. The INK Fellows Program is an initiative of Ixoraa Knowledge Foundation, the nonprofit arm of Ixoraa Media Private Limited. Tata Trusts is a key partner of Ixoraa Knowledge Foundation in supporting the INK Fellows Program.

Our Mission:To bring together a community of game changers who have the courage to redefine the world through their imaginative ideas and creative thinking. Being an INK Fellow provides the peer-support necessary to take brilliant work to the next level.

Benefits to Fellows:Tell your story to the world

Learn how to tell your stories to the world and let us give you an audience that want to hear them.

Master the art of storytelling through in-depth coaching and bring your ideas to center stage at the INK Conference and other INK events worldwide.
Amplify impact

We provide you audiences and platforms to help increase your impact.

Talks delivered by Fellows from the Conference, are promoted on INK’s digital platforms – and YouTube.
Exposure on INK’s social media channels throughout the Fellowship year and beyond.
Opportunity to be a Fellow with partner organizations.
Fellows are eligible to apply for INK’s Fellowship grant.
Unlock your potential

Learn from some of the world’s game changers on best practices and more.

Learn from some of the world’s gamechangers on best practices and more
Fellows Mentor Connect and expert workshops.
Meet a powerful network of innovators who you can work with on collaborative efforts.

Giving back to the Fellowship :This Fellowship is yours, as much as it is ours. These aren’t a set of duties you’re obliged to perform; it’s this approach and attitude we’ve benefited most from over the years.

Pre-Conference: Participate in various onboarding and networking opportunities including, Fellows introduction webinar, talk curation and feedback sessions.
Enhance your visibility at the INK Conference by participating in INK’s pre-conference social media activities.
At the INK Conference:

Be available for the duration of the INK Conference.
Participate in all Fellows related activities during the conference (i.e. INK fellows dinner, on-site curation and rehearsals and other fun activities where you get to know your peers better).
Deliver your compelling story on INK’s main stage.
Beyond the Conference:

Be an ambassador – spread the word about your involvement with the Fellowship.
Recommend Fellows and be a mentor to incoming Fellows.
Add value to the Fellowship and Stay Engaged with us by:
Participating in various speaking engagements.
Be a part of Trailblazers ( INK’s annual Fellows gathering).
Conduct workshops in your area of expertise for INK’s community.
Keep us updated on the projects you’re working.

What makes an INK Fellow?
All Fellows have:

Demonstrated the capacity to think differently, to listen with an open mind, and to keep learning
A vision for the world or their field of work
Serious accomplishment (not necessarily academic!) at a young age, in any field
The desire and ability to enrich the INK Community through active participation


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