Laos Empowerment Grants

Laos Empowerment Grants V-1612-LA-EM

Targeting (informal) groups or organisations to raise awareness, develop transformative leadership, build confidence and skills and work against stigmatisation of marginalised and discriminated groups. Empowerment grants are smaller grants with a maximum timeframe of 24 months. Informal groups can access funding by partnering with a formal ‘host’ organisation. In Laos, empowerment grants are available from €5,000 up to €25,000 on a rolling basis.
how to apply?

Before applying for this grant, please read the following materials:
Grant Manual (English)
Grant Manual (Lao)
And download the following:
Project Proposal Application Form (English)
Project Proposal Application Form (Lao)

Once completed, these documents need to be emailed to . You can also contact the office if you need help to make the application.

Only completed applications will be reviewed for which our templates need to be used. Applications for empowerment grants can be submitted in Lao, in handwriting, or in audio or video. If you need help in completing the application, please contact the Oxfam office in Laos.
Empowerment grant applications can be submitted at any time but please note that review cycles will take place starting 20 February 2017 and 1 November 2017. This means anything submitted before that date will be reviewed as part of that review cycle, anything after will be reviewed during the next cycle.

What if you have questions about the process?
Questions about this grant and other open grants may be submitted by email or during outreach sessions. The questions will be anonymised and published with answers on the internet where appropriate. Questions can be submitted by email to: Answers will be updated on the website on a regular basis. Specific outreach activities are planned for the month of January and details of the time and activities will be posted on this page and Facebook.

When will funding decision be made?
All applications will be reviewed and decisions will be communicated to all applicants by 7 April 2017.

Laos Empowerment Grants V-1612-LA-EM

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