Vijay Amritraj Foundation Grants 2017

Funds for NGOs
Last date 31 Dec 2017

Vijay Amritraj Foundation Grants 2017
Funding Guidelines
The Foundations focus is on funding the smaller charities of India who do not have the ability to raise money or awareness for their causes. Charities serving children and adults who face extreme challenges in life; HIV/AIDS, Family Abandonment, and Individuals Ostracized by society for their illness.
What we Fund
All prospective applicants should fully review the guidelines for the Foundation before making initial contact.
Our grantmaking is carried out in three ways:
The VAF requests proposals from charitable organizations in India with which we have been in contact.
The VAF will accept proposals from charitable organizations in India who are referred by existing grantees and/or VAF Ambassadors.
The VAF accepts unsolicited requests from charitable organizations in India for projects that fall within our program priorities and guidelines
Because available funding is limited, letters of inquiry are required for unsolicited programs or projects. Such letters should include a brief description of the project, the funding requested, and the period of time for which the funding is being requested.
Both general-purpose and project-specific requests are considered. In addition, both single and multi-year proposals are acceptable.
What we do not Fund
The VAF observes the following limitations:
No grants or loans to individuals.
No grants for capital development, research, project replication or endowment unless these activities grow out of work already being funded by the VAF.
The Foundation does not support political activities or attempts to influence action on specific legislation.
No grants for religious activities or programs serving specific religious groups or denominations.
However, faith-based organizations may submit inquiries if the project falls within our guidelines and serves a broad segment of the population.
Film and video projects, books, scholarships, and fellowships are rarely funded.

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