Waterloo Foundation Marine Funding

Last date: 1st Dec 2017
Waterloo Foundation Marine Funding: We don’t have an application form, so you are free to formulate your proposal as you wish.
However, when applying to the Environment Fund, please follow these guidelines:
Limit the proposal to approximately 2-3 sides of A4, and send it as an attachment to an email to applications@waterloofoundation.org.uk. Applications sent anywhere else will not be counted.
State that you are applying under our Environment programme, and state which programme you are applying to – Marine or Tropical Rainforests. Please also let us know how you heard about this particular funding programme.
Supply basic information on your organisation – name, address, aim, charitable status, annual income and expenditure, website address and contact details.
Briefly describe the project or purpose for which you are seeking funding. You must outline how this meets the priorities of the programme you are applying to.
Briefly outline the anticipated project outcomes and how these will be measured, including any post-implementation studies you plan to undertake.
Please provide a brief outline of the need for this particular intervention. Do reference any statistics, data or research that you use as justification….. Read More……….

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